Personal Injury

The Money Shot… In a recent Personal Injury Case I was asked by an adjuster for updated photos of a scar on my client’s face. I brought my client to Bob’s studio where he properly lit and photographed the scarring. The quality of the photos were remarkable. After sending the photos to the carrier, I was immediately offered $250,000 policy limits which was over $50,000 more than the initial offer. Bob has an eagle eye behind the lens and truly captures the essence of what he shoots.

Brett Schreiber
Thorsness Bartolotta Mcguire


Product Liability

“Bob helped me with aproduct liability case requiring detailed photographs of a medical deviceand clear images of information displayed on computer monitors. Although our office has an excellent digital camera, Bob’s expertise and equipment far surpass our abilities. He truly is an expert in his craft. His help is cost-effective and, more importantly, invaluable in capturing images for use in trial.”

Steve Vosseller
The Gomez Group


Macro Photography

“I contacted Bob to cover a highly confidential forensic photo shoot for our client. They needed to capture the exact details and intricacies of this product. Not only did Bob achieve the highest quality possible but he went above and beyond and provided the extra touches to ensure these items were captured with exact measurements so he could testify on the validity of his work if needed in trial. This extra touch was much needed and Bob satisfied these needs. After we submitted the photos of the product to the opposing side the case was settled and we earned a job well done. I highly recommend Bob if you want a positive can do attitude and great understanding of how to achieve the end result with highest quality in mind.”

Joe Cerroni – CLVS
Multimedia Litigation & Support Manager, HG Litigation Services


Day in The Life

I hired Bob to produce a Day in the Life Video in a highly emotionally charged case. Not only was he honestly price for his work, but his heart was really in it. He spent the time – much of which was likely unbilled – getting to understand the case, the issues, the clients and the injuries. As a consequence the video captured the “essence” of the client and his struggles. This wasn’t a flashy, slick production with graphics and sound effects. But, rather it was a very effective “Day in the Life” video for use at trial.

Brett Schreiber
Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire


Low-Light Photography

“Bob was retained to support us on a dynamic, very low lighting condition (night) forensic shoot and he captured the most spectacular shots with absolute clarity and contrast. I highly recommend Bob for any forensic photography requirements especially the impossible shot, he can get it.”

Catherine Glick, PG, CEG, CHG
Partner at K/C Global Consultants


Construction Defect

“I need Bob for a tough Construction Defect Case that required a live video to be taken in all directions in a tight crawl space which spanned almost 10 feet. This was for a construction defect case with multiple parties. He was the only one I could find who could really handle the task well and he was of great assistance to my liability expert. I will be using his services again and I would recommend him.”

Nick Paulos
Attorney at Prindle, Amaro, Goetz, Hillyard, Barnes & Reinholtz LLC


Aerial Photo/Video

I have used Bob on two projects, the first of which was a pre-trial last minute need for community-wide photography and videography of a development wherein the homeowners’ association was accused of not adequately maintaining the common areas. Bob jumped right on the assignment, meeting me on the weekend to discuss the particular needs of the job. Bob’s photography was excellent, capturing the forensic images and video we wanted to portray to the jury. He even used a helicopter to capture invaluable aerial shots. More important – he came in under budget! My second project involved discoloration of concrete in a gated community. His photographs highlighted the coloration issues that are the crux of the case. The results were far better and more likely to prove our case than a simple point and click camera. I highly recommend Bob!”

Gabe P. Wright, Esq.
Shareholder Klinedinst PC


Civil Persuasive

“Bob’s photos had exactly the visceral effect on the trier of fact
we wanted. Bob immediately understood the point to be proven, what needed to be photographed, and how best to present it. The photos were both technically superb and effectively persuasive because of his ability to capture the essence of the case. He understands litigation and trial procedure and has credibility as an expert.”

Dyan Flyzik


Essence of the Case

I hired Bob to shoot some images for a very emotionally charged case. Bob’s photos had exactly the visceral effect on the trier of fact that I needed. His images were extremely interesting to the judge in the case. Bob understood the point to be proven, what needed to be photographed, and how to best present it. He is able to capture the essence of the case. Bob understands litigation and trial procedure and has credibility as an expert.

Diane Flizeck Esq.



Bob Jacobson of Digital Evidence Photography produced fantastic photographs graphically depicting my clients injuries, scars and wounds. He uses professional lighting techniques which give a 3D effect to the photos making them come alive with depth, color and contrast. I highly recommend Bob Jacobson for all of your litigation photography needs.

Edward J. Babbitt
Law Office of Edward J. Babbitt APC